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Lab diamonds
"Gemologist Tom Moses and Eco Diamonds CEO Lisa Bissell compare diamonds to the lab grown variety."

See The World's Largest Eco Diamond
"Having the same physical, optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, Eco Diamonds are created in a lab,"

Give the gift of diamonds from Eco Diamonds
"Eco Diamonds provides affordable and quality diamonds and explain the process of creating their diamonds"

Daytime Eco Diamonds
"Eco Diamonds offers the convenience of shopping online with the customized experience found in a fine jewelry boutique"

Lab diamonds vs mined diamonds: Can you tell the difference?
"If you are in the market for the prized jewel…."

Eco Diamonds

Lab-grown diamond market poised to soar?
"Lisa Bissell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Eco Diamonds joins BNN for a look at why demand for lab-grown diamonds might be seeing some positive momentum."

World's Largest Laboratory Eco Diamond Unveiled
"Eco Diamonds announces a scientific breakthrough…"

Diamond demand and prices soar in December
"Eco Diamonds CEO Lisa Bissell discusses the rising demand for diamonds, hike in prices and the future."

Eco Diamonds: Identical To Mined At 30 Percent Of The Cost
"Lisa Bissell, the CEO of Eco Diamonds, visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday!"

Eco Diamonds

Believe It: The Lab-Grown Diamondsector Is Out-Promoting the Natural
"It's holiday time—and the media is talking about diamonds."

Lab-Made Diamonds Look Just Like the genuine Thing
"CEO of Eco Diamonds, discusses the company's lab-made diamond jewelry with Bloomberg's Lisa Abramowicz and Erik Schatzker on "Market Makers.""

Man made diamonds: 30 - 40% less than traditional stones
" The holidays are a time for giving, especially for giving engagement rings. One out of every four couples who get married get engaged in November or December."

Save money with laboratory-grown diamonds?
" Eco Diamonds CEO Lisa Bissell on how laboratory-grown diamonds are made."

Lab-Grown Diamonds Hit The Market
"Say hello to your best friend—or is it? Introducing the lab-grown diamond. It is a genuine diamond, but grown in a laboratory instead of by Mother Nature."

Lab-made diamonds are the new rage
"Now that people are more conscious about the source of diamonds and supplies of the jewels are decreasing, lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity."

Diamond grower produces 3-carat white stone
"Eco Diamonds, the company formerly known as Gemesis, has broken yet another carat barrier in the creation of white, or colorless, diamonds."

Would you propose with a lab-grown diamond?
"Man-made sparklers dazzle at half the price."

Lab-Created Diamonds, A Girl's New Best Friend (video)
"Consumers can now save thousands of dollars on diamonds, with a technological breakthrough that allows them to be created in a lab."

Largest Lab-Grown Diamond "A 3.04 carat diamond is the largest ever grown in a lab and on sale at Eco Diamonds in NYC's Diamond District."

Man Proposes With Lab-Grown Diamond at Superdome
"There was something unusual about the half-time proposal that took place at the Superdome in New Orleans on Nov. 29"

Fiancé Proposes With Eco Diamond to Support Conflict-Free Gems
"As Southern University's Marching Band formed human letters spelling-out, "Marry Me," a special half-time squad rolled-out a enormous Eco Diamonds gift box to mid-field…. "

What Is a Lab-Grown Diamond, Exactly, and How Is It Different From an Earth-Mined One?
"Did you know that there's a "thing" in the jewelry and gem world known as lab-grown diamonds?"

Marriage proposal features Southern band at halftime of Bayou Classic
"As Southern University's Marching Band formed human letters spelling out, "Marry Me," a special halftime squad rolled-out a enormous Eco Diamonds gift box to mid-field……."

Bayou Classic features a halftime marriage proposal (Video)
"It was supposed to be rivalry week. However, it turned into union Saturday at halftime of the Southern-Grambling State Bayou Classic in New Orleans."

3 On Your Side: Lab-Created Diamonds (video)
"It often been said that a diamond is a girl's best friend. But the price of a diamond, well that can stop many people in their tracks."

Developer Says Lab-Created Diamonds Are Like genuine Thing, But Cheaper (video)
"Consumers can now save thousands of dollars on diamonds, with a technological breakthrough that allows them to be created in a lab."

Is That Rock for genuine?
"Lisa Bissell studied the six pink diamonds lined up like candies on a white tray in her Midtown Manhattan office. "All of these were born in the last couple months," she said."

Global Green party kicks off Oscar week "The zero-waste party rose over $20,000 during the live auction following the plant-based dinner. Musician Michelle Branch modeled a Gemesis three-stone conflict-free lab grown diamond ring, which sold for $12,000."

Orlando Bloom skips Global Green party for performance with Condola Rashad
"The zero-waste bash, which also celebrated Global Green's 20th anniversary, raised more than $20,000 during a live auction. Among the items sold was a Gemesis three-stone, conflict-free, lab-grown diamond ring, modeled by musician Michelle Branch. It fetched a whopping $12,000."

Help! My Guy Doesn't Want to Buy an Engagement Ring -- But I genuineLY Want One"
"There are also companies like Gemesis that craft jewelry with lab-created diamonds, so there are no ethical implications."

Round Cut Engagement Rings Brides Will Love
"This ring shines bright but is great for brides who don't love over-the-top bling."

Would You Say Yes to an Engagement Ring with a Lab-Created Diamond? Check out these Sparklers Before You Decide
"A company named Gemesis is 'growing' diamonds that are genetically identical to mined diamonds."

Gem Quality White Diamonds Created in Laboratory
"There will be confusion with these diamonds, calling them synthetic diamonds. This would be wrong. These are actual diamonds that are formed in a laboratory as opposed to being created naturally."

62 Diamond Engagement Rings Under $5,000
(Gemesis rings featured on slides 25, 30, 55 and 60.)

Stylish Details – A versatile wedding look is all in the accessories.

Oscars 2013: Top tweets by Hudson Valley celebrities
The Gemesis Solstice Pendant was seen on the 2013 Oscars' red carpet worn by Chazz Palminteri's wife, Gianna.

Kelly Clarkson's Massive Ring (A Canary Diamond!)
"Get Kelly's look and check out these killer stones too...This princess adorned diamond has a vintage-style setting that showcases a dazzling man-made diamond center."

Oscar Swag Bag - A Must See!
"It's technically a genuine diamond, but socially responsible and eco-friendly"

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Day 1, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
"Gemesis diamonds look, feel and atomically are the same as high-quality mined diamonds."

From Diamonds to Decorating, The Best Expert Advice of the Year
"These days, scientists can create diamonds in the lab that are completely identical to the genuine thing. Did you know that manmade gems have the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds? They also retail for about 20 to 30 percent less than genuine ones, says Gemesis Diamond Company CEO Stephen Lux."

8 Favorite Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
"This fairy tale-worthy Gemesis ring highlights a classically-set princess stone. Prince charming can't go wrong with something like this."

Diamonds: Secrets Behind the Allure
Don't miss the man-made diamonds shout out and some of our favorite Gemesis pieces featured at the 2:56 mark!

'Ellen' kicks off '12 Days of Giveaways' with wonderful gifts
"With as much jumping for joy on the show, the fans in the audience responded to the gifts like they just won the lottery as there wasn't a sad person in the bunch."

Ellen Gives Away Lab-grown Diamonds
"If you've never heard of Gemesis jewelery, you don't know your bling," Degeneres said when presenting the gift. "They make the purest lab-created diamonds on the market that are both eco-friendly and socially responsible."

Watches & Jewellery 2012
"While Gemesis is not the only company with lab-made gems, it is the first with significant stock consistent in size and quality – important factors in becoming a potential market leader." Copyright HipGuide Inc., All Rights Reserved.

And The Dream Wedding Ring Style Is...
"Take a look at more classic rings we go crazy for."

Gemesis Offers Lab-Grown Diamonds Online
"Gemesis Diamond Company has successfully managed to mimic nature to perfection by creating the finest and rarest quality Type IIa diamonds in a lab. In what is considered a significant breakthrough, the company launched its first batch of lab-created colourless and fancy yellow diamonds last month. To put that in perspective, less than 2% of the world's diamonds are Type IIa. But thanks to Gemesis, these Type IIa lab-grown gems will be readily available to consumers, quite literally, at the click of a button."

Choosing a Ring: Diamond's Cheaper, Identical Twin
"Currently, the leader in the lab-grown diamond industry seems to be Gemesis."

Gemesis Lab-grown Diamondsite Goes Live
"More than a year after announcing plans to sell lab-grown white and colored diamonds to consumers online, the new has gone live."

Diamonds with Pristine Pedigree & a Clear Conscience
"(Gemesis) offers either ready-to-wear jewelry or an option where you can select your stone(s) and design something uniquely you. For Earth Day, what better - or more sparkly - way to rock your green (or in this case, sparkly yellow) flag?"

Essential Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping
"The CEO and President of Gemesis, Stephen Lux, outlined some important elements to consider when picking out your dream ring. The Gemesis diamond company produces gem-quality lab-created diamonds and jewelry, which are certified by leading gemological institutes."

Gemesis Is Proudly Selling 'Lab-Created' Diamonds
"And perhaps, most importantly given a recent BBMG Conscious Consumer Report, these gems are sustainable and conflict-free."